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O&T Farms Ltd./Oleet Processing Ltd.


P.O. Box 26011
9th Avenue North & Pinkie Road
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 8R7




O&T Farms Ltd. manufactures highly digestible, palatable Omega-3 animal feed components by blending flax and canola with pulses in their patented dry-extrusion process. Their branding of “naturally better” has become synonymous with health, nutrition and quality, and represents a promise to their customers. Building on the dry-extrusion process, several proprietary specialty feeds have been developed with LinPRO™, being the most notable in North America, for its all-natural land-based Omega-3 delivery. LinPRO was developed for layers, and has become the leading specialty feed for the production of Omega-3 eggs in North America. Building on this success, LinPRO-R™ was developed for dairy and beef applications and provides a ruminant-protected supplemental Omega-3 fat source. The rich Omega-3 fats support a positive immunity profile and enhance health benefits like fertility and conception. ExtraPRO is an easily managed energy and protein source suitable for swine, poultry and ruminant diets offering a unique blend of peas and full fat canola, with an excellent amino acid balance. Equine Power, made from a blend of canola, flax and alfalfa is a unique 100% natural source of energy and protein providing Omega-3 cool energy to horses, maximizing performance and reproductive function. Their products are designed for all animals and fit well into all livestock and poultry feed matrices. With their patent extending to over 35 countries worldwide, O&T is well positioned to provide Omega-3 functional foods solutions to both animals and humans globally.


Tim Wiens, President

Current Products and Services:

Products and services include using a unique, patented extrusion process to produce specialty feeds which are Omega-rich, high in protein, and easily digestible. Products include LinPRO, LinPRO-R, ExtraPRO, CerealPRO and EquinePOWER.

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