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O&T Farms Ltd./Oleet Processing Ltd.


P.O. Box 26011
Sherwood Drive & Pinkie Road
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 8R7




O&T Farms manufactures several livestock feed ingredients by blending combinations of flaxseed, canola, alfalfa, wheat and pulses in their patented dry-extrusion process. Their branding of “naturally better” has become synonymous with health, nutrition and quality. Using their proprietary dry-extrusion process, several specialty feed ingredients have been developed,with LinPRO®, being the most notable in North America, for its land-based Omega-3 enrichment. LinPRO® provides an Omega-3 enrichment into eggs and has become North America’s leading specialty feed ingredient for this nutritionally better market segment. LinPRO®’s success is a result of its consistent nutrient availability (fat, protein and omega-3 profile), its extended shelf life and lastly its enhanced digestibility. Building on the layer/egg success, LinPRO-R® was developed for dairy/beef (ruminant) applications and provides a rumen-protected Omega-3 fat source. The rumen-protected polyunsaturated Omega-3 fat in LinPRO-R® delivers an immunity boost to the dairy cow improving conception/pregnancy and also increased milk production. Increased awareness on green house gases is an area of further research being undertaken by O&T Farms using LinPRO-R®. O&T Farms manufactures several other dry-extruded products for specific livestock, like extraPRO (swine) and equinePOWER (equine). A full listing of their products is available on their website. Lastly, in order to meet growing specialty market needs, several of their products are certified with either Organic or Non-GMO registration. Their products are designed for all animals and are accompanied by specific livestock technical data sheets. With their patent extending to over 35 countries worldwide, O&T is well positioned to provide Omega-3 feed and food solutions to both animals and humans globally.


Tim Wiens, President

Current Products and Services:

Products and services include using a unique, patented extrusion process to produce specialty feeds which are Omega-rich, high in protein, and easily digestible. Products include LinPRO, LinPRO-R, ExtraPRO, CerealPRO and EquinePOWER.

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